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Nashville Commercial Property Management

For starters, our experience speaks for itself. Corporate Realty Advisors has more than 40 years of experience managing commercial properties in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. We can handle any kind of property management, from big box and unanchored retail centers to apartment buildings and office buildings to medical facilities and industrial properties, and everything in-between. We are happy to provide you with a list of current satisfied clients in Nashville, Cool Springs, Franklin, and Brentwood. We may be a large management company, but we pride ourselves on being able to provide individualized service to each and every client. We are avid problem solvers and we’ll handle all the details and put out the fires so you can focus on other aspects of your business. We are committed to saving you time and money while serving to increase the value of your asset.

Commercial Property Management in Nashville, Tennessee

We understand where you stand -- you’ve put a lot of money into locating and acquiring your ideal commercial real estate and investment properties, and you want to know that your asset (and revenue stream) is being protected and effectively managed. We also understand that you may have questions about how our property management structure functions and what you can expect. That’s why we’ve assembled this list of frequently asked questions, courtesy of CRA Nashville:

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Where and what type of properties do you manage?

We currently manage a broad range of properties, but we specialize in multi-million dollar retail, office, and multi-family properties throughout Middle Tennessee. Geographically, many of our managed properties are located in Williamson, Davidson, Sumner, Wilson, and Rutherford Counties. We primarily serve local and out of state investors, and we strive to provide the best possible service at competitive pricing.

How much does commercial property management services cost?

Most of our clients and potential clients are pleasantly surprised at how reasonable our rates are. You can expect to pay us a one-time leasing fee of $500 per property, plus 3-5% of the gross monthly income. Certain exceptions apply (for example, a retail center with numerous small tenants or apartment buildings located far outside of Nashville proper). We will consider many factors in determining a rate for your property, including the size, type, location and number of units housed within your commercial real estate.

What services are included in the management fee?

Our fee includes all of the following (should you require additional services, please request a meeting with one of our representatives for a personalized customization):

  • Screening potential tenants and arranging placements
  • Collecting monthly rent and security deposits
  • Monitoring rent increases
  • Preparing and providing you with monthly financial reports and maintaining accurate and up-to-date accounting statements
  • Establishing and maintaining bank accounts
  • Conducting regular routine inspections
  • Sending notices to tenants
  • Settling disputes and handling tenant complaints
  • Paying mortgages, insurance, and other bills related to the property
  • Monitoring CAM reimbursements
  • Handling lease violations and evictions as required
  • Managing maintenance, repairs, and upgrades to property

What is a CAM fee?

Put simply, the CAM fee is designed to cover “common area maintenance,” and this fee is incurred by all tenants over and above their monthly rent. In many cases, a portion of the CAM fee may be reserved in the event that major equipment, enhancements or replacements are required. Generally speaking, the CAM fee covers costs such as cleaning services, common utilities, taxes, insurance, building and roof maintenance, parking lot maintenance, and marketing expenses. CAM is normally calculated and charged by the square foot in the range of $2-6 depending on property type and the CAM structure.

Will you manage and lease my property?

Yes, absolutely! This is a service we are happy to provide, as we know it is of tremendous value to you as an owner. By serving as both your property manager and leasing agent, we can gain an in-depth knowledge about your specific property (including environmental factors such as competition, demographics, and tenant mix). Our Nashville commercial brokers use this information to identify underrepresented businesses and tenants to develop a marketing plan that leads to new leases. Additionally, management and leasing of your property can be even more efficient, without duplication of effort or documentation.

How do I track the performance of my investment?

Let us handle the details – we’ll prepare regular financial reports for you as well as any tax statements you require. With an easy to follow format and user-friendly reporting structure, you’ll be able to see and gauge your property’s performance at a glance.

What about the ongoing physical condition and maintenance of my property?

You can trust CRA Nashville to conduct routine inspections at regular intervals. This is more than simply lip service – we assess the property in order to verify the physical condition of your property and keep a lookout for any upcoming maintenance issues so that you can properly plan and budget. We’ll do more than simply make recommendations – we’ll also negotiate and contract with exterminators, janitorial, landscaping, HVAC, snow removal, and waste management companies on your behalf.

How do I know the service contracts in place are priced reasonably?

We don’t believe in the concept of “set it and forget it” – as long as we’re managing properties for you, we’re monitoring your contracts on an ongoing basis and ensuring that your current contact pricing remains competitive. We keep track of costs such as utility bills, repairs and more, to ensure that we’re monitoring your bottom line and maximizing profitability.

What type of capital expenses will I have?

Again, we make every attempt to go the extra mile so you don’t have to do any guesswork. We’ll provide you with an annual budget an operating plan each year, which will include expected or recommended capital improvements such as new parking lots, a replacement roof, repainting, replacement of a boiler unit or other necessary equipment. Plus, we’ll recommend aesthetic enhancements if we see the opportunity to recoup these outlays in increased rent or occupancy. We’re always working to get you the most possible potential from each and every property.

How do you manage security issues?

Often times, security issues can be a simple fix, such as the addition of a flood light or replacement of older exterior lighting with newer, brighter lighting. We will analyze your property and the surrounding areas and make additional recommendations (such as monitoring systems or gated entrances) as we see fit.

Nashville Commercial Property Managers  

office, retail, and commercial property managers

Corporate Realty Advisors currently service several large institutional entities including pension funds and REITs in addition to an expanding number of individual wealthy investors. Many of our clients own properties in the $1 million to $10 million range, and a number are located out of state. Trust the experts of the Corporate Realty Advisor team to provide full-service management for your Nashville commercial real estate.

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If you are locating for residential real estate in Nashville, please contact Cindy Jasper direct at 615-300-4695. Cindy is rated in the top 25 residential real estate brokers in the entire State of Tennessee and is more than happy to help with any request.

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