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22 Common Mistakes Made By Home Buyers

Here are some of the most common mistakes that a homebuyer can make. It’s a good idea to become familiar with this list before starting the process of buying a home.

  • Co-signing someone else’s loan
  • Not knowing your own credit score
  • Not understanding how your credit score impacts your ability to purchase a home
  • Not getting fully approved before home shopping
  • Looking for homes without a recent loan approval letter, because rates can change quickly
  • Using a lender with rates that are too good to be true
  • Telling everyone that you will soon be buying a new home
  • Working with more than one real estate agent (each person involved lengthens the process)
  • Not discussing honestly with your agent what you need and want in a home
  • Using an agent who is working as a dual agent
  • Believing that you must visit every available property before making an offer
  • Waiting to long to make an offer
  • Deciding that you can’t find the perfect home on your first day of looking
  • While in the process of buying a home, making a large purchase such as a car
  • Attending a new construction or “for sale by owner” visit without a real estate agent
  • Submitting an unrealistically low offer on a home with the hopes of getting a great bargain
  • Skipping the home inspection step
  • Using an attorney who is not specializing in real estate transactions
  • Operating on too much emotion rather than remembering that home buying is a business deal
  • Showing too much emotion to the seller and revealing your eagerness to buy at all costs
  • Being unaware of CLUE reports (comprehensive loss and underwriting exchange)
  • Thinking that Carlton Sheets’ methods work in a hot real estate market

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“As a real estate professional, I provide all the available information to my clients so they can make the most informed and educated decisions when buying a home.”

- Cindy Jasper, Broker, ABR, CSP

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