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Home Staging: Presentation Is Everything!

It’s no secret that first impressions are important. And although the standard holds true for everything from job interviews to first dates, when you’re selling a home the first impression is truly everything.

Statistics show that most buyers form an opinion of your home in the first 60 seconds. Basically, a few heartbeats after they’ve stepped through your front door, buyers already know what they think of your property. This opinion can be altered slightly as their introduction progresses, but the basis will typically remain.

In a competitive market like that in Greater Nashville, those initial 60 seconds are vital to selling your home. That’s where home staging comes into play. Home staging is a process that makes your home as appealing as possible to all types and personalities of buyer. It involves three things: cosmetic improvements, depersonalization, and arrangement.

  • Cosmetic improvements may include touching up paint, pulling up carpets to reveal beautiful wood flooring, revamping or replacing fixtures and appliances. The determination of which improvements to make depends on the projected profit of the sale versus the cost of the improvement. Often, a few simple touches can turn a tired room into a stunning haven.

  • Depersonalization is a process that involves removing all clutter, knickknacks, and personal items from view in the home. Family pictures and ceramic duck collections may be endearing to you, but a prospective buyer needs to be able to envision themselves living in a space – their belongings, their furniture, their artwork. If a home exudes too much of its occupant’s personality, buyers will envision only the current owner living there.

  • Arrangement involves the placement of furnishing, accessories, and lighting to best complement the shape and size of each room. Some furnishings may need to be removed to avoid cluttering up a space. At times, furnishings will be rented to fill out certain spaces, or to change the look of a room.

Here at the HummerHomes Team, we have seen first-hand the value of professional home staging. Staged homes that we’ve sold have invariably outranked non-staged homes, and have often set sales records in their neighborhoods. This is especially true in the luxury home sector, where standards are even higher and sales even more competitive. That’s why we provide home staging services as a part of out exclusive client service and marketing package. Accredited Staging Professional Jeanie White is the owner of Best Impressions Home Staging and our full-time home staging consultant.

When you decide to work with the HummerHomes Team, Jeanie will come to your home for a personal consultation, then discuss with you several options for making your home’s appearance more marketable and appealing to buyers. Jeanie approaches home staging from a Feng Shui perspective, paying particular attention to the flow of light and form through each room in order to ensure that buyers perceive not only the current look of the space but its potential. If you’re selling your home in the greater Nashville area and would like more information on the home staging services offered by the HummerHomes Team, please call 615.300.4695 today, or email jeanie@hummerhomes.com today.

The Home Staging Experience: What To Expect

Home Staging will distinguish your home in today’s ultra-competitive market. Here at the HummerHomes Team, we are thrilled to provide this invaluable service to our clients as part of our comprehensive sales and marketing package. With the help of our team member Jeanie White, Accredited Staging Professional and owner of Best Impressions Home Staging, we will turn your home into a showplace fit for the pages of a magazine. And, your staged home will almost always sell faster and for more money than non-staged homes: we have the sales record to prove it!

When you’ve decided to work with the HummerHomes Team and you’re ready to prepare your home for sale, Jeanie White will come to your home to conduct your personalized home staging. You can choose to be as involved in the staging process as you like. Some sellers prefer to take a hands-off approach, and let our team work as they like, while others choose a more direct involvement. Whichever approach fits your schedule and personality best, we’ll work with you. However, before staging begins we will ask you to identify any items which may need special care and attention, including family heirlooms, antiques, designer pieces, or damaged furnishings. But don’t worry: we’ll take care of all the moving for you!

The home staging process will involve one or more of the following:

  • Moving and rearranging furniture, including the interchange of furniture between rooms

  • Removing unnecessary or distracting furnishings. Furniture that is removed will be placed in a secure storage area for you to retrieve when you need it. This will help ease the moving process once you are ready to leave the home.

  • De-cluttering, which involves the removal of excess items to streamline the appearance and improve the flow of a room. Unused items can be boxed up, which will ease the moving process once you are ready to leave the home. This also makes the home look move-in ready to prospective buyers.

  • Removing or rearranging artwork, accessories, or other non-furniture items

  • Depersonalizing, which includes the removal of items that may distract buyers and make them less able to visualize themselves and their unique personalities in your home.

Once Jeanie has optimized each room in your home, she can introduce furnishings, accessories, artwork, and other items to your existing catalogue of possessions from her own extensive inventory. This allows Jeanie and our home staging team to create a magazine-perfect effect in each room. Supplemented items may include but are not limited to carpets, furnishings, paintings and other artwork, lighting, and accessories. As there is a nominal rental fee, this supplemental service is optional. Jeanie will establish a rental budget, if any, with you during her consultation. You are, of course, free to decline (or accept) the service at any time before or after the home staging takes place.

After the home staging is complete, you will receive from Jeanie a comprehensive home staging report that details any suggestions for additional improvements to each room. This report will also include descriptions of any repairs that need to be made at this time, as well as a list of Nashville area professionals who can assist you with those repairs. As many buyers have a hard time seeing past “loud” wall colors, outdated color schemes, damaged walls or carpeting, scuffed floors, and overgrown landscaping, it may be worth your time and money to address these repairs prior to the photographing and showing of your home. Which of these repairs, if any, you choose to complete is always entirely up to you.

When it comes to selling your luxury home in the greater Nashville area, there’s no better real estate team than Cindy Jasper and HummerHomes. With over $125 million in closed sales, and over 20 years of experience in the greater Nashville real estate market, we can guarantee your satisfaction with our services. Home staging services are just the beginning of the exclusive marketing and sales package we offer our clients. To learn more, call Cindy Jasper and the HummerHomes team at 615.300.4695 today, or email Cindy directly at cindy@hummerhomes.com. For more specific information about home staging, you can contact Jeanie at jeanie@hummerhomes.com. Customer service is our number one priority, so don’t hesitate to call!

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