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Nashville Insurance Agents

How Do I Choose An Insurance Agent in Nashville?

Choosing a Nashville insurance agent is more than just a business relationship. When looking for an insurance agent, it’s important to look for one who has the professional credentials to serve your needs. Make sure they are backed up by a reputable company and that their training and certification is up to date. Just as important, however, is the personal relationship you develop. Make sure the agent understands your needs thoroughly and cares about what they are doing.

There are two great tools in searching for a Nashville insurance agent: the AIA and the ARIA databases. They are a wonderful resource in locating agents who are qualified and eager to serve you.

Contact JulieGibson@Allstate.com for details on available Nashville insurance policies.

Things to Ask an Insurance Agent

  • Tell me how your agency handles claims.
  • Which policy is better for me, a Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value?
  • What are my options for deductions?
  • Am I eligible for multi-policy discounts?
  • Tell me about my liability coverage options.
  • If I have to leave my home for any reason, does my policy cover additional living expenses?
  • Will my homeowner’s policy cover every type of loss?
  • Are rebuilding expenses covered in my policy?
  • Will I need mortgage protection insurance?

Contact JulieGibson@Allstate.com for answers to all your insurance questions.

Let us recommend a truly stellar professional insurance agent in the Nashville area who can take care of all your needs. Julie Gibson, with Franklin Insurance and Financial Group, is a licensed insurance professional with the power of Allstate to back things up. Julie has the experience and dedication to help you choose a policy that will protect your home and family from all that life can throw at you. She’s part of an incredible team that is working hard to keep your property covered. Julie and Allstate are standing by to help you out.

Julie makes a personal effort to understand the needs of each client and come up with personalized plans that best fit them. Customer service is the key to establishing a relationship of trust and Julie and the Franklin Insurance and Financial Group make every effort to give 100 percent to each customer.

Nashville Homeowners Insurance Protects You

How does homeowners insurance protect you, your family and your home? Its important to understand every aspect of coverage before making a purchase—that way, when you need help, you’ll know what to expect. Here are a few of the most common types of coverage that Nashville Realtors recommend.

Family Liability: This coverage takes care of someone who is accidentally injured on your property. It can also cover any property that is damaged in a covered incident. It’s invaluable to have protection for any damages that you are legally obligated to pay.

Additional Living Expenses: In the event that something happens to make your home uninhabitable, this coverage will take care of reasonable expenses for alternative living arrangements.

Dwelling: This coverage pays for damage and repair to the insured property in the event of loss, such as flood or fire.

Contents Coverage: Protect your personal property with this kind of coverage, designed for things like TVs, furniture or jewelry.

Insurance Terms

When you start investigating the various options in insurance, there are many new terms—some you may be familiar with and others that are new. Here is a quick review on the common definitions of insurance terms that might come in handy.

Covered Peril: When an occurrence causes damage to your property, such as lightning, hail or flood.

Deductible: How much of the cost you are responsible for before the insurance begins to pay.

Endorsement: Used to change the language of your policy, and may restrict or add to existing coverage.

Limit: The total cost that the insurance company will pay for a loss.

Policy: The insurance contract, which includes applicable endorsements, declarations pages and policy jacket.

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Everything You Need to Know about Homeowner’s Insurance

If you’re in the market for a home in Nashville, Tennessee, you’re probably also in the market for a Nashville area homeowner’s insurance agent – even if you don’t know it yet. In Tennessee – and indeed, everywhere in the nation – it’s important to make sure that you and your home are protected by a comprehensive, well-structured homeowner’s insurance policy.

When you’re choosing an insurance agent, it’s important that you feel comfortable with that person, and that you trust them to recommend the insurance products and services that are best for you. To learn more about specific insurance products, or to find an agent in the greater Nashville area, search these databases at the American Insurance Association (AIA), or the American Risk and Insurance Association (ARIA).

We at the HummerHomes Team recommend all our clients to Julie Gibson of Franklin Insurance and Financial Group. Julie is backed by the tremendous services and resources of Allstate Insurance Company, and has helped hundreds of folks in the greater Nashville area assess their individual insurance needs, and find the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. To contact Julie, please email her at juliegibson@allstate.com.

10 Items to Discuss with Your Nashville Insurance Agent

Although you’ll probably have other inquiries which pertain to your individual insurance situation, it’s important to make sure that you ask your Nashville insurance agent (or prospective agent) the following questions to make sure that you’re getting the right coverage and products.

  • What type of homeowner’s policy do you recommend? Replacement Cost policies cover the total cost of replacing the damaged property regardless of depreciation. Actual Cash Value policies cover the cost to replace or repair damaged properties after an allowance for depreciation. Functional Replacement Cost or Market Value Coverage policies, in which the use of modern materials and techniques is allowed for in repair costs, and in which the market value of the home is paid in the event of a total loss. Stated Value Policies are based on a total valuation of the property as stated by the insured, and coverages are limited to that amount without exception.

  • Will my homeowner’s policy cover every type of loss? Most policies exclude damages caused by flooding and earthquakes, although they will cover non-flood losses resulting from tornadoes and hurricanes. Other events, like hail, may be included under a “named perils” clause. Fire protection is a standard inclusion in most policies. Depending on the specific policy you choose, you may choose to add on flood insurance, especially if you choose a home in a low-lying area.

  • What are my options for liability coverages? In this, each policy will differ; ask your agent for details.

  • If I am forced to leave my home, will my living expenses be covered? If your policy includes a Loss of Use clause, the answer is yes. However, funds allotted for loss of use may differ by policy.

  • What are my deductible options? Depending on your financial situation, you may choose a higher deductible in order to reduce your premium. You may also choose between dollar deductibles and percentage deductibles. Your agent can share with you several options, and help you choose which deductible best suits your individual needs.

  • Do you offer policies with extended coverage for rebuilding expenses? Depending on the type of loss you sustain, it may be more expensive for the insurer to pay to rebuild your home than to “total” it. Each policy will differ on this point; your agent can help you decide whether to include extended coverage.

  • If I have a claim, how will your agency handle it? In the event of a claim, will you be dealing with a representative over the phone, or in person? Who do you call first, your agent or your insurer?

  • Is Mortgage Protection Insurance something I need? Depending on your personal situation, you may choose Mortgage Protection Coverage, which will pay off your mortgage in the event of your untimely death. Ask your agent about your policy choices.

  • Will I need Private Mortgage Insurance? If you put less than 20% down on your new home, your lender may require you to carry Private Mortgage Insurance, or PMI, to protect them in the event of your foreclosure. Your agent or mortgage broker can tell you more about PMI.

  • Do you offer discounts for multiple policies? Some agents or insurers offer substantial discounts for multiple policies. Many insurers offer auto, boat, life, and other insurance coverages along with homeowner’s insurance. Ask your agent for details.

What Coverages Will I Need from My Nashville Homeowner’s Insurance Policy?

A home is a major investment. And once you and your Nashville Realtor find your perfect place, you don’t want anything to jeopardize it. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your homeowner’s insurance policy covers every eventuality. Here’s a list of important types of coverage to discuss with your Nashville insurance agent.

  • >Dwelling coverage pays for damages to your home in the event of a covered loss (like a fire).

  • Contents coverage pays for damages to items inside your home (also known as “moveable property”). Items can include TV and stereo equipment, bikes, clothing, jewelry, etc. If you have any items of particular value – like musical instruments, expensive clothing, or hi-tech stereo equipment – these should be insured separately as list items.

  • Additional Living Expenses coverage will pay costs incurred if your home (or part of your home) is rendered uninhabitable.

  • Family Liability coverage protects you in the event of personal injury or property damage for which you are legally liable.

Common Terms

Here are some common terms used in relation to homeowner’s insurance policies.

  • Deductibles are the costs for which you are liable before your insurance coverage begins. For example, if you have a $500 deductible and a covered repair costs $1200, your insurance would pay $700 of those costs. Deductibles may renew on a per-incident or annual basis, depending on your policy.

  • Covered Perils are defined as certain natural incidents, like hail, wind, hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires, which are covered under your policy. Some events may be noted separately on your policy, depending on their frequency of occurrence in your area.

  • Endorsements change the language of your policy, and may expand or restrict coverages.

  • Limits are the amounts that your insurer will pay for any covered loss.

  • Policy> is the insurance contract itself, and includes your endorsements, deductibles, and a declarations page.

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