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Buying New Home Construction in Nashville

New home construction in Nashville, Tennessee
As one of the hottest growth areas in the South, Nashville and Middle Tennessee are experiencing unprecedented new construction projects as well as a healthy real estate market to meet demands. New construction offers a unique set of benefits to the interested homebuyer, and home appreciations are higher than ever. Nowadays, the homebuilders are offering incredible incentives to buyers who go directly through them, but before you dive right in to one of these offers, take a moment and educate yourself on the process. There are many questions to ask yourself about buying a new construction home directly from a builder:
  • What are the pros and cons?
  • Should I do this without a Realtor?
  • Who can I trust, the builder’s agent or my own Realtor?
  • Am I missing some important steps in the process?

These questions and more should be addressed before you even think of purchasing a new construction home, condo, town home or even commercial property. When it comes right down to it, the two questions that matter most are these:

  • If I use a Realtor, will I save time and money?
  • Will I end up with a better home and a better home buying experience?

The answer is YES! When you are looking for new construction property in Middle Tennessee, there is no better way to navigate the often confusing process of purchasing real estate than to use an experienced Realtor team.

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New Home Construction – Why Use a Realtor?

In our opinion, it comes down to experience and representation.

Experience--Trust someone who has been through just about every type of real estate transaction in the Nashville area. It's especially helpful if the real estate agent you choose has had experience as a builder's agent and knows the ins and outs of that kind of operation. Cindy Jasper began her career as an onsite agent for a homebuilder and received lots of valuable background experience in this kind of market. She's had extensive experience in buying and selling new construction in Middle Tennessee, and is today one of the top real estate agents in Nashville when it comes to new construction transactions.

Cindy Jasper was associated with the homebuilder for seven years, where she set many sales records and was awarded the title of "1999 Selling Agent of the Year" by the Home Builders Association of Middle Tennessee. The award meant that she was the onsite agent with the highest dollar amount of new construction sales in the region. As the top agent for the entire region, Cindy proved that her knowledge and insight into the industry translated into big success for her as well as her clients.

Cindy became an independent real estate agent in 2000 and won another honor in 2001 from the Home Builders Association of Middle Tennessee for the "Selling Agent of the Year." This honor meant that Cindy was in a unique position of having been awarded the title for both the buying and selling side of new construction. Her experience is now available for you to use in purchasing Nashville new construction property.

Representation--Because an onsite agent, who is most likely a licensed real estate agent, is representing the builder shouldn't you be represented by an expert as well? An onsite agent's goal is to represent their client (the builder) and sell new construction homes for the highest price possible. The are not on the side of the buyer in any way. Shouldn't you have knowledgeable representation on your side and have someone interested in getting you the lowest possible price? It makes so much sense to have a Realtor representing you against the onsite agent.

New Home Construction--Saving Both Time and Money

It's not enough to simply fall in love with a floor plan, a façade or even the fixtures of a new construction home. Keep in mind the big picture, and look at location, appreciation, resale value and the reputation of the builder. The Cindy Jasper HummerHomes Team is ready to help you find a new home in Nashville, whether its new construction or not. We'll use our vast experience and in-depth knowledge to advise you on every aspect of purchase, and narrow down your search for just the right home.

Contract Negotiations--As your representative, we are charged with looking out for your best financial interests. That means we will back up every move of the process with our experience and negotiation skills when it comes to the contracts and paperwork. We can write, amend, negotiate and review all the paperwork at every step of the way, and explain anything that you don't understand. Homebuyers without experienced representation may find themselves with additional charges, unplanned fees, hidden construction costs, inflated prices and sneaky loopholes that they are forced to comply with.

In our experience, we've encountered builders who have tried to pull fast ones on unsuspecting buyers, whether mistakenly or on purpose. For example, we've seen builders try to extend the completion dates by months, or try to charge $25 per day to water the grass and even one builder who didn't include appliances in the final contract. These mistakes translate into thousands of unplanned dollars for the homebuyer. Enjoy peace of mind with a professional representing you.

Nashville home builders in Middle Tennessee

Monitor Progress--As your representative, we'll actually travel to the construction site to check that the builder is progressing in a satisfactory way. We'll ensure that they aren't cutting corners and that the home is receiving the best of everything. How many other Realtors are willing to do this same progress check? Not many! In order to evaluate the build cost and determine that everything is on track, there's really no other way than to visit the site. We would be happy to do that for you.

Dispute Resolution--Sometimes there are issues that arise where both sides dispute. It could be over cost, time, work orders or other issue. When these problems arise, it’s a relief to have an expert on your side looking out for your interests. A strong Realtor with the muscle of a large Real Estate Company to back them up can be your best friend at a time like this. Know that a builder is much more likely to work with a Realtor who is capable of bringing them a lot more future business than a single buyer, and this relationship can only be strengthened by a willingness to work things out.

After Closing--Closing costs have a sneaky way of being bigger than expected, but with a Realtor on your side, you can feel comfortable knowing that any big surprises can be dealt with. At closing, there's always a punch list associated with new construction, and an experienced Realtor can help you get these problems taken care of for you at no cost. We'll speed along any builder fixes and make sure those costs are either zero or extremely small to you.

You'll Gain So Much by Using a Realtor

Cost to You--It doesn't cost you anything to use a Realtor. They earn part of the marketing fee already built into the cost of the home. Therefore they can represent you and you can feel confident that they have your best interests in mind. Homebuilders are always excited to work with Realtors--after all, a good Realtor can bring them a ton of business and won't be sidelined. It's a common thing for Nashville-area homebuilders to keep Realtors informed of what's available and what's coming up in order to keep the flow of interested buyers high.

Savings to You--A Realtor can definitely save you money when it comes to purchasing a new construction home. They'll know exactly what should be included in a contract and also what incentives, extras or specials might be unadvertised, but still available. Sometimes the language of the onsite agent can be confusing, with terms such as build-ons and incentives that cloud the issues. A Realtor can cut through the fog and ensure that you are getting the most home for your money.

Resale--A homebuyer should always have the issue of resale in the back of their minds. A Realtor will give you an honest assessment of the location, the builder, the design, the floor plan, the décor and all the other features that go into determining the value of a home. The Cindy Jasper HummerHomes Team knows what will sell in Middle Tennessee and they'll share tips and advice on how to get a home that will increase in value over the years.

Let the HummerHomes Team represent you in your new construction property purchase. You’ll love how our experience, knowledge, and reputation can represent strength as well as leverage with builders and their agents on your behalf. There’s no other team that knows Nashville real estate like we do.

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