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Nearly 60 residential subdivisions are included within the 35.4 square mile area of Brentwood. This includes the ever-enchanting neighborhood known asThe Governors Club, which is comprised of both historic and contemporary homes. Because of Brentwood's phenomenal growth within the last several years, it has evolved into one of the most coveted suburban locations for executives and other professionals relocating to Middle Tennessee. In 2003,Homes in Brentwoodsold for an average price of $433,000. Last year alone, 880 homes sold in Brentwood. In 2002, approximately 223 new homes were constructed with an average price of $339,000. Only 5% of Brentwood's 22,697 acres are zoned for commercial use. Of that number, 31% is still undeveloped. Of the remaining acreage, 46% is residential, 45% is agricultural or vacant and 3% is for miscellaneous use.

Over the past ten years, real estate in Williamson County has seen an explosive increase in popularity. Middle Tennessee real estate sales, including Cool Springs real estate, Brentwood real estate, Nashville real estate, and Franklin real estate, reached a combined total nearly equal to one-third of Tennessee's total annual home sales. You are invited to employ The Cindy Jasper Team's expertise in meeting your Middle Tennessee and Brentwood real estate needs.

Brentwood is proudly known as a 'pillow community' because it is primarily residential and the crime rate is very low. Brentwood public and private schools are recognized throughout the Southeast and our youth soccer program is known nationally.

Granny White Park is a 32-acre park in Brentwood with a number of sporting facilities including basketball c ourts, softball/baseball fields, and tennis courts along with picnic pavilions. This wonderful park is conveniently located near Brentwood Middle School. This great town is also home to a number of parks and nature centers. Deerwood Arboretum and Nature Area both invite schools and nature groups to utilize their facilities. With outdoor covered classrooms, an amphitheatre, and a full observation deck, the Arboretum is sure to delight the most ardent nature enthusiast. Explore the man-made lakes, and local wildlife that visit the Arboretum. You're sure to witness something impressive while you learn a thing or two about nature.

Community Statistics: Population: 23,445 Land area: 35.4 square miles Median resident age: 40.8 years Median household income: $111,819 (2000) Median house value: $313,200 (2000)

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