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Top 10 Reasons to Use A Realtor®

There are many reasons to use a RealtorŪ, but many people aren't exactly sure what it means to be a RealtorŪ. Let this handy guide help you see the advantages to using a RealtorŪ for your next real estate adventure.

  1. Not every real estate agent is a RealtorŪ. RealtorsŪ are licensed members of the National Association of RealtorsŪ. You'll find the RealtorŪ logo on their business cards and literature.

  2. RealtorsŪ are committed to a strict code of ethics and a higher level of knowledge about real estate than other real estate agents.

  3. Since real estate transactions are one of life's biggest financial investments, it pays to trust a professional RealtorŪ. Since we seek other professionals for life's big issues (attorneys, doctors, CPAs) doesn't it make sense to consult a professional in the real estate arena--a RealtorŪ?

  4. Studies show that 84 percent of homebuyers are happy with their RealtorsŪ and would use the same one for their next purchase.

  5. RealtorsŪ will deliver information about properties that include community information, home inspection advice and even provide financing contacts.

  6. A RealtorŪ has access to information about what other homes in the area are selling for, so every advantage is taken to make a comparable sale.

  7. RealtorsŪ will pay for the advertising when selling your home, and place your home in multiple listing sites, as well as RealtorŪ.com. They also screen prospective buyers so that only serious inquiries are dealt with.

  8. When looking to buy, RealtorsŪ will explain every step of the way and help you decide a home that is realistically in your budget and assist in qualifying and processing the loan. They'll also walk you through property taxes, local utilities and more.

  9. Closing on a house, as a buyer or seller, is a complex process, and a RealtorŪ will explain the procedure in detail, accompany you to the closing and assist with handling documents until the transaction is complete.

  10. Whether buying or selling, using a RealtorŪ is the only way to save you time, money, and frustration. RealtorsŪ legally represent you and act in your best interest, and treat everyone honestly, according to the code of ethics. A RealtorŪ will deliver a high level of commitment, ethics and expertise to benefit YOU!
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